National Archives Department

Outreach Activities


The National Archives Department also promotes an Outreach Programme and engages in a broad range of activities as follows:

  • A guided visit is organized for students, senior citizens, NGO’s etc. throughout the different sections of the National Archives Department.
  • The National Archives Department holds open days destined to Secondary Schools every year to allow students to get acquainted with the National Archives and to know its functions and learn about its holdings.
  • The National Archives Research and Publication Fund promotes and encourages research in our archives, finances the publication of research works of archival value, and puts publications on sale.
  • The Director and Senior Officers of our Department inspect regularly, within office hours, and after due notice has been given, public archives lying in repositories other than those of the National Archives, to give advice on ways and means of good and safe keeping of records according to Records Management principles.
  • With a view to valorize our organization, the National Archives Department regularly participates in offsite-office exhibitions, informative activities to make people know our Archives, its holdings and functions.