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National Archives Department Under the aegis of Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage

Legal Deposits

‚ÄčLegal deposits at the National Archives are made on a regular basis in accordance with the provisions contained in the National Archives Act No. 22 of 1999 and Government Notice No. 140 of 2001. Printers, publishers, editors or others, deposit, free of charge, the following:-

      1.       One copy of any artistic, documentary or commercial film;
     2.    One copy of every newspaper, periodical and serial publication published or edited in Mauritius in any language;
     3.    One copy of any annual, financial, statistical report on any subject and of any directory or calendar issued by any governmental or non-governmental organization;
     4.    A specimen of every issue and First Day Cover of Mauritian postage stamps;
     5.    One certified copy of the minutes of proceedings of every municipality, district or village council;
     6.    A specimen of every issue of currency notes and coins by the Bank of Mauritius;
     7.    One certified copy of the Supreme Court records of any matter with property which is "du domaine public";
     8.    One copy of every plan and map produced by the Republic of Mauritius;
     9.    One copy of civil status index regarding births, deaths and marriages by the Registrar, Civil Status Office and;
     10.  Any notarial deed which is 60 years old.
Once all these records have been deposited, they become and remain the property of the National Archives and are open to the public for consultation.