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National Archives Department Under the aegis of Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage
National Archives Department>National Archives Advisory Council (NAAC)

National Archives Advisory Council (NAAC)

The Archives Advisory Council is governed by PART V of the National Archives Act No. 22 of 1999.

According to the Act, the Council should meet at least once every three months. The members of the Advisory Council are:
  • A Chairman, who shall be a qualified Archivist to be appointed by the Minister;
  • A Secretary, who shall be the Director of the National Archives;
  • A representative of the National Library;
  • A representative of the University of Mauritius;
  • A representative of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute;
  • A representative of the Mauritius Institute of Education; and
  • A historian appointed by the Minister.
Its functions are to advise the Minister:
(a) on any matter related to the acquisition, administration, conservation/preservation of records and exploitation of public archives.
(b) on any other matter related to the public archives referred to it by the Minister.
The NAAC has a significant role under Section 36 of the National Archives Act. It provides guidance on preservation policy, recommends administrative and legislative improvements for protecting the nation’s heritage, reviews programs and policies with a view to promote the National Archives Department. ​